Monday, April 25, 2011

Breaking Camp

Strangely, moving on requires
that you leave something behind
Perhaps it was something golden
or something toxic
something real
or an unrealised dream

The nights are bright downtown
I don't even notice
that it's two in the morning
I'm not ever even tired
But I'm always just a little lonesome
everything looks the same as in daylight
Just a little dimmer
Just a little more evil

Moving on implies that there's something better
Or at least you hope there is
Most often, you don't know what's ahead
You only know what's behind you
And maybe that's why you want to stay

It's warm
It's familiar
It's nice

If you don't move on
If you stay there forever
You'll never find that something better
You'll never grow up
You'll never know what was in store for you.

It's time to break camp and move on.

Image Source:,_Inc.,_Monument_Circle,_Indianapolis_at_Night.jpg

Sunday, April 24, 2011